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In an era defined by unprecedented complexity, BLOOM stands out as an essential partner for individuals and organizations intent on successfully navigating through these intricate scenarios. Our mission is to offer innovative tools and integral approaches to address the complexity of the present and to transform it into an opportunity to grow, evolve and flourish that prepares us for the future.

Below you can discover and navigate the areas BLOOM is focused on: Business, Life, Sustainability, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Human 21 Institute, Digital Platform

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BusinessBloomingInnovative paths, dedicated to companies and professionals, to accelerate personal and professional blooming processes.

LifeBloomingInnovative paths, dedicated to companies and professionals, to accelerate personal and professional blooming processes.

SustainabilityBloomingThe world of business organizations is being called upon to respond to the greatest challenges of our time.

EducationBloomingInnovative pathways to enlighten the future through the expression of the potential of new generations, the expert guidance of inspired faculty, and the active involvement of families.

Artificial IntelligenceBloomingThe Balance between Technology and Humanity.

Human 21 InstituteBlooming

Bloom DigitalPlatformGuided meditations and high-level content on Leadership development, all with the comfort of online accessibility.



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Taking this journey will place you in a very special situation. The more you bring attention to your inner nature, the more you will be able to observe your reality with awareness, the more you will feel the distance growing between you and what you believed to be your world until recently.


The evolutionary intelligence model

in support of leaders and organizations

The old models no longer hold, but the new ones have not yet taken shape. They will only be able to take shape if new women and men who welcome the transformation and evolution within themselves can lead this process by welcoming the evolution of the organizations they are called upon to lead.

What they say about us

Cheryl Cran

Future of Work Expert, Founder of NextMapping and Author of "NextMapping - Anticipating, Navigating and Creating the Future of Work."

“Danilo Simoni is a master of evolutionary insight and communicating how people and the world can evolve to create greater success for all. His new book includes psychologically valid processes for evolving one's body/mind/spirit toward true and authentic happiness. I highly recommend Danilo and his work to individuals and organizations so they can take their successes to the next level.”

Luca “Vicio” Vicini

Musician Producer Bassist of Subsonica

“By just being present, in a completely natural way Danilo shows you the way to great concentration, he has given to me openings and insights into the reality around me. If I add the clarity that emerges from his methods which get to the point without arcane big words, it comes naturally to me to define him as a master. The real ones.”

Michael J. Gelb

Expert in Creativity and Personal Development. Author of “Think Like Leonardo” and “Art of Connection”

“Danilo Simoni and Luca Virdia will bring out the best in you and your team. They are gifted coaches, skilled facilitators and engaging speakers.”

Simone Dominici

Ceo Kiko Milano – Italy

“Luca Virdia has made another one of his! Bloom is a beautiful book, in a simple yet profound way it offers a chance to have more self-awareness, to enhance one's talents, to find the courage to work on the aspects to be improved.”

Umberto Tossini

Chief People, Culture & Organization Officer at Automobili
Lamborghini S.p.A.

Placing people back at the center in leadership thinking

"The reflection on leadership, from being abstract and elusive, finally succeeds in becoming exciting, putting people, their aspirations and the path toward the fulfillment of the search for meaning in organizations back at the center."

Mauro Ghilardi

Director People & Transformation,

Awareness and action
"A new way of looking at things that, intimately, we know we never take into account. Awareness and action, that's what I took home from these techniques and this philosophy. And so much benefit for me and those around me."

Andrea Colamedici

TLON Founder, Philosopher, Writer,

A method for personal and collective blossoming
“Simoni and Virdia's work provides the essential tools for personal and collective flourishing in the corporate world. This book puts on paper their method, in which I was lucky enough to participate as a lecturer. It is a method capable of unlocking energies, activating intelligences and accompanying those companies willing to unleash their full potential.”

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Evolutionary Leadership


1° module
May 7th-8th ROME
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Evolutionary Leadership

May 19th

Vinile from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, Rome

Bloom with your talents


1° module
November 5th-6th ROME

Nova Profile Certification™


1° module
April 11th-12th DIGITALLY

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