Un Percorso Verso l'Evoluzione IntegraleLa nostra missione è offrire strumenti innovativi e approcci integrali per affrontare la complessità del presente e per trasformarla in un’opportunità per crescere, evolvere e fiorire .

PRESENZA INTERNAZIONALELa realtà di BLOOM® si estende in Europa e in America con la presenza in diversi paesi, nei quali opera direttamente e/o con partner locali certificati.

Un Futuro di Evoluzione e PossibilitàIn BLOOM, abbiamo la visione di un futuro ricco di possibilità e opportunità. Un futuro dove individui e organizzazioni non solo si adattano ai cambiamenti ma li guidano attivamente, creando realtà nuove, inclusive e fiorite. La nostra missione è accompagnarti in questo entusiasmante viaggio verso un domani ricco di evoluzione e prosperità.

Each of us has incredible potential at our disposal-we can choose to leave it silent or choose to express it and bring it to life. The quality and satisfaction of our lives depends in large part on how well we are able to make the best use of our intelligences, our qualities, our talents. These are always available to us even when different experiences in life have led us to keep them hidden or blocked within ourselves. But when we learn to recognize our blocks then we can overcome them and this frees up a great deal of energy that we can put to use in our lives.

And then life changes, we feel better, more centered, more satisfied. Our relationships are transformed, they become a source of exchange and nourishment. At work we achieve more with less effort. Success and recognition come as a result of the expression of our talents and as a return of the value we are able to bring to others.

All this we call personal blossoming: the gradual blossoming and flowering of our inner qualities, the continuous journey in search of the expression of our most authentic nature.

The BLOOM® method is based on the Evolutionary Intelligences® model and is situated within the sciences of human evolution and the functioning of complex systems. This new view of human evolution is integrated with contributions from psychology, neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, organizational sciences, anthropology, spiritual traditions, and many other disciplines that are interested in the methods that enable every human being and every organization to flourish and express their realizational, emotional, mental, and creative qualities.

We are particularly interested in the expression of these individual qualities within social and organizational contexts. More evolved and conscious individuals contribute to more evolved organizations, which in turn foster the expression of increasingly refined and complex human qualities.

Leadership, Teamwork, Creativity, Communication, Relationships, Personal Achievement are the areas we are most passionate about and on which we feel we want to make a contribution of thought, method and tools.

This new psychology is integrated with contributions from neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, social and organizational sciences, anthropology, and spiritual traditions.

The BLOOM® method is based on the model of Evolutionary Intelligences®. According to this model, the human experience is enabled by a range of intelligences that manifest and develop at specific times in our lives and that, when nurtured and integrated with each other, enable us to live to our full potential.

The model represents a map that each person can use to begin reflecting on his or her existential journey. It is not the only possible map, there are others, but it is very well established, and in our experience it works very well. It is used to inspire, to make people want to go, to point out possible directions.

The part of human experience we are dealing with lies between two edges that we touch but never cross. On one side, we might say on the southern edge, we have clinical psychology and psychopathology; on the other, on the northern edge, we have spiritual experience.

Evolutionary psychology deals with a person’s experience of constantly improving himself or herself in a work of self-realization and individuation. Self-realization meant as a process of expression of human potential, individuation meant as a process of liberation from all forms of conditioning, personal, familial, social, cultural.

Obviously, overcoming the neurotic aspects that are the object of interest of clinical psychology plays a role in this space of experience, but it is not the neurotic, narcissistic or psychotic patient to whom we turn our interest, but the healthy individual, integrated into society – who at some point understands, feels or senses that he/she can take something more from life than he/she is taking and decides to take a path to grow, develop and evolve as a human being.

This evolutionary process will, likely, place the person who decides to undertake it before the thresholds of spiritual experience, thresholds that he/she may cross but which are beyond our field of investigation and expertise. The experience we are interested in is that related to the development and evolution of dimensions and qualities that are typically human: feeling, being part of a community, acting, loving, creating, achieving.

BLOOM®’s is not a psychology of well-being. Instead, those who decide to set out on a journey soon stop sleeping peacefully. They feel a tension that pushes them forward. To not settle, to not indulge in easy victories. The well-being he/she aspires to is not the cheap well-being of positive feelings, but the deep and lasting well-being of human fulfillment.

BLOOM® does not propose a psychology of success. The goal is not to become more efficient or effective or productive. These are possible, indeed probable, side effects.

Nor is it a personality psychology, where the goal is the strengthening of character and the person; if anything, it is quite the opposite. In fact, in the advanced stage of the journey, it turns out that it is precisely overcoming one’s personality that is one of the key goals.